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Members of this subfamily are characterized by a conserved N-terminal kinase domain, a divergent C-terminal region, and a conserved region of about 40 amino acids at their extreme C-termini, which end with an ELKL (glutamate-leucine-lysine-leucine) domain.CTAK1 protein from He La cell lysates resolved as a doublet of approximately 78 and 80 k D in Western blot and immunoprecipitation analyses.RTI Act, 2005 does not provide any specific Format for RTI Application . However, if you do not know how to write RTI Application just click on Apply now button and Fill the RTI Application form. For your convenient, We are providing simple sample RTI Application format .Just draft your application as per format and attach IPO or DD as per requirement and send it to the concern PIO.

Just click on "Apply Now" button and Fill the RTI Application form. Date: 18-Aug-2017 To, The Public Information Officer (Name of the Public Authority) (Address of the Public Authority) Sir / Madam: Sub: Request for Information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 [if applicable] Kindly, provide me the following information:………….(Mention the information you want as specifically and clearly as possible and the period of time to which the information pertains) [if applicable] I request for receipt of the information in the following format(s) – true copy / print out / diskette / floppy / tape / video cassettes / certified copies of documents or records – in person / by post / by e-Mail.[if applicable] I would like to inspect the following works / documents / records / take notes / extracts…..RTI rule for Ambala is given below Payment of fee can be made through cash against proper receipt, demand draft, banker's cheque, ipo (or court fee stamp) payable to the public information officer, Or to the competent authority as designated by the state government. 10 /- only RTI Fee Payable to : The public information officer First Appeal Payable to : The first appellate authority Second Appeal fee payable to : The secretary state information commission Ambala is one of the districts of Haryana. All the public works are sanctioned from here, for rural and urban development.This is one of the administrative units of Haryana, There are several issues that people of Ambala are grappling with, like Flood, droughts, water shortage, poor road connectivity etc.

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