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@mai I've been working on a huge batch of floppies over the holidays and found 22 adf's I could not identify with CLRMame so I've uploaded them to The (mostly Dutch) files are: ACC Copy Disk v2.0 (198x)(Accumulators)Amigapanic (1987)(Soren Ltzen)(PD)ANC Utilities 17Better dead than alien!(1987)(mirrorsoft)[cr Ackerlight]Boggle (19xx)(Courbois)(nl)Break (1986)(Martin Aberle)[aka Demolition]Demolition Game Pack 1 (1988)(Demolition)[Buggy Boy Nebulus Rick Dangerous]Hard Drivin' (1989)(Tengen - Domark)[cr BCC][h Vision Factory]Hong Beta(1991)(De Baas)(PD)Marblelous (1995)(APC & TCP)(De)[cr QTX]Pick out (1991)(Alive Design)Pinball Wizard 1990 (1990)(kingsoft)[Cr BCC]Poker Power & Rally Racing (1991)(Amiga Live)(cr Tarkus) Publishing Partner Master 2.1 (1991)(Soft Logik)(De)[aka Pagestream]Rad van fortuin (1989)(Courbois)(nl)Solitaire Royale (1988)(Spectrum Holobyte)Super Games Pack (19xx)(Odyssey)[cr Paradox][aka Jailbreak]System Z Copydisk v2.0 (1988)The Firm Paintbench (1987)(The Firm)[DPaint II Butcher2 Digi Paint]Viruskiller 2.5 (1988)(Cat&Korsh)(nl)Wirrel Warrel (19xx)(Courbois)(nl)Woord Oorlog (1990)(BBS DE SAEN)(nl)I've only worked my way through about 200 of the 3000 disks so expect more.

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