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I have tried to find a contact for them and failed. Please let me know Thanks :-) Written on: 20/09/2011 This has also happened to me an amount of £24.95 has been taken from my account on the 13th of Sept 2011, I have not been a member of MFO for over a year so who are these people and how did they get access to my bank account. I found that the 'admin' did not protect me from abuse and insults on the boards, and the messages that I received, even though I reported them as offensive, were never dealt with appropriately. Read Full Review Excellent, so much better than the rubbish spin off sites that disgruntled ex members have flocked to form.They hide behind a PO Box No and it's impossible to cancel a subscription. I used to be a member of MFO, 2004-2008 , and I thought it was a great site. The 'meets' were great fun, and I always felt that this was a 'friendship' site, rather than a 'dating' site. I would recommend this site to all, there are no cliques and no totally ridiculous threads that the same old faces constantly comment on!!I wouldn't hesitate to say join this site and spend your time on the net with quality! Read Full Review I joined MFO as it was a friendship site as well as a dating site and I was only interested in making friends.As a friendship site it was wonderful and although I wasnt looking, I met my husband through there.This website first of all, is really difficult to navigate around. Secondly, you have to pay to get "special features".If I'm making a friend online, I shouldn't have to pay for anything, and nobody else should either. Read Full Review I somehow became a subscribing member without ever signing up for it!But recently I got an abusive email from one of the users and so reported it to the administrators hoping they will do something about it.Unfortunately they took no action and left me thinking vulgarity and abuse are fine on there.

Eventually after a few messages they will say they want to send you pics trying to get you to pay the monthly reoccurring charge.

This was followed by them being offered the chance to rejoin with a 500% increase in the membership fee.

It used to be a thriving community and a comfortable environment to make new friends and if that developed into something more…

Just another trash site trying to trick you into a monthly bill that is very difficult to cancel…

Read Full Review I joined this site last month in hopes of making new friends online, and with a website that directly tells you to make new friends online, I was optimistic; yet kept expectations low because of the unknown.

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