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Little do they know it's because of her abusive father, Valentine. Bella fights to leave her past behind, but will she be able to let love in?

But what happens when the new guy starts to take an interest in her, and refuses to let her push him away? AH M-rated for violence, content, language AU/AH Bad boy Edward needs to be taught a lesson.

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There may be some touchy subjects in this story and I don't mean to offend anyone!

Neither of them can stay away from the other though, forcing him to choose to change or to never even get the chance to be with her. She vows to take down C-Corp, but what happens when she finds out who owns the company? After the Boathouse Proposal, after the wedding and after the honeymoon Ana and Christian are finally settling into married life. This is my interpretation of what happened after Fifty Shades Freed. This is book 3 of 3."In this moment I'm not sure how I've said no to him for fifteen years. Harry makes a desperate plan to go back in time, even though it means returning Voldemort to life.

Same theme and relationships as in After the Boathouse and no cheating. Peeta Mellark hasn't smiled like that since the day on the rooftop of the Training Center before the Quarter Quell." My take on Katniss's decision to have children with Peeta. Now an 11 year old Harry with 30 year old memories is starting Hogwarts. Bella Swan huye de Forks hacia Nueva York para rehacer su vida, pero con el tiempo, ella tímida y callada verá como su mundo se convertirá en una total locura cuando se encuentre atrapada por la obsesión de quien menos cree, el misterioso Edward Cullen.

Battles are fought and relationships are forged, tested, and destroyed in this stunning (Fan Fiction) conclusion to Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments. Pero cuando conoce a Edward se cuestiona todas sus convicciones y normas morales ¿Se someterá ante las pretensiones de Edward? For once in his life Christian Grey is willing to take his time on an acquisition, one Anastasia Steele. Yet they remain strong with their love for each other and their family. Will the coming changes divide them or make them stronger.

Instead of bull dozing her and manipulating her he does his best to resist her, knowing she's too good for him. Bella's now a tough NYC corporate girl on the outside, but her heart is forever broken. OF INCREDIBLY AMAZING REVIEWS, I HAVE RE-"VAMPED" THIS STORY! You may want to read Fifty Shades More and Fifty Shade Clarity first.

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