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She stays in the room previously occupied by Yi-Na (Ryu Hwa-Young).

@We Need Season Three finally someone who thinks the same...

I love watching kang yina, park hyesoo as eunjae, and wish too see more sceentime for yoon park and han yeri. Jongyeol x eunjae , jiwon x sungmin, jinmyung x jaehwan, yina x dongjo Personally, I think this season wasn't as good as the first season.

I like how the first season was a lot more relatable as a college student while this season was more dramatic. Eun jae character is quite annoying this time but on the other hand it's much better to be broken up, we can see the new kind of plot they get along still together the plot will be boring anyway. our senbae is the best This is the first time i left a comment about drama that i ever watched : D.

Park Hye Soo as Eun Jae would come back and then they'd realize that it was not the real Eun Jae with them all along. Go for season 3 I just finished this series and I really like this drama (Season 1 and 2)~~~ and i think ji woo did great act as eun jae. Haha) kang eonni said something to jang hoon that she'll back to belle epoque again. The villa from the first episode is heimdal parents' villa. i was just kind of disappointed bc they changed eun-jae :( and kang yi na is my favorite character!! The plot, the cast, the story, its amazing ❤️ the best dramas on 2017 after Chicago Typewriter, good job team, we’ll should meet again so soon at third season I wish they would bring back hyesoo :( eunjae just isn't the same if it isn't her!! Last, Kang eonnie was my 3rd favorite character in s1 (jinmyung, jieon, then yina) but she just appears as a cameo in this season :c I really really hope there will be a s3 so i can sleep in peace knowing that nothing's gonna bother me. The friendships, relationship and romance where very realistic. I've been shipping Song Jiwon and Im Seungmin since season 1!! I wish I can see their love story develop (because the girl is obviously Sungmin's daughter at the epilogue of ep 13), but I guess it will be painful to watch because of the articles saying Jiwon is going to die at 30y/o. Hope in episode three they will include kang yina sunbae characters in the story, cause her character brings joy to the belle epoque members.... The flow of the whole story of the girls individually and as a group is so well-connected and lovable! I love this kdrama because I can see myself in bits and pieces of all of the girls!

If there is season 3, i hope kang eonni will join them again. You can check on the first episode, near the kitchen inside the villa there is family photo including heimdal wearing uniform. also season 3 with more backstory would be so great.... My ship needs to sail, why can't he just confess to Ji won. Please give season 2 lots of love so they'll make another season I think the one character that should be replaced is JUNG YE EUN. And when it come I hope Kang Eonni were there, and ji won too. I think the one character that should be replaced is JUNG YE EUN. And it come I hope Kang Eonni were there, and ji won too. Thank you for such a warm and fuzy and lovable kdrama! The plot is sooo interesting thus completely stopped me from getting a night off. Cant get over with the cutest couple of all, jiwon & Seungwon.

At least before 2025 :') I actually like the new actresses esp the tall one. The chemistry of the original three of course will stand out compared to the rest.When the hollywood-actor-slash-K-Pop-star appeared on the show to introduce his new album released, some questionable doubt was brought up about the famous couple.Rain guest starred along with his long time close friend, Alex from Clazziquai.Han Ye Ri & Park Eun Bin has the best acting imo - this is why they're starring as leads in new dramas.For those who's here to check out if this drama is worth, well I assure you it really is.

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