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Like many people who live in cold winter climates, I am fascinated by palms.A palm tree is, of course, synonymous with the tropics. You can't simulate it with a plant the looks "sort of like a pa If you've ever longed for a home in the tropics but just couldn't make it happen, perhaps you should try converting your current landscape into that tropical paradise.What is the difference in cold resistance of them all?

All of the information is brought together in this site, the e Monocot portal.

Can you think of any movie set in a tropical or subtropical locale that doesn't open with a shot showing palm trees? I want to have a palm growing in my garden, not because it will make the winters feel any warmer, but because it provides a link to that warmer world. With a little effort you might just be able to grow a few palms of your very own.

I'd like to look at those shots of palms on TV and think, "Sure, I've got one of those! Some palms are actually quite cold-hardy and routinely endure sub-freezing temperatures.

He does not represent any commercial tree assessment method or device, thanks to which his teachings are totally unbiased.

Palm trees are considered to be the authentic jewels, for their beauty and exoticism, plants wished by many people around the world to give a special touch to your garden.

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