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" and with that she spun on her heals, chuckled to herself and was gone.

Uncle Jeff had gone off till Friday so we were alone for a few minutes, this excited and scared me at the same time "Help yourself to breakfast" Carol instructed "and I'll see you later around tea time", just before she spun away she smiled a big smile and looked down to my waist where I knew my cock was bulging "My, My" she giggled, "It looks like somebody's happy to see me!My mind flashed to those stored images in my virtual wank bank of mums dark pubic bush visible through see through panties and those of dark pink nipples half exposed due to a gaping dressing gown, and again it was the image of mum getting dressed very slowly as I peeked through the gap in the door that took me over the edge; another heavy load of cum was soon released.So now its Monday morning, the sun shining bright through the curtains woke me and I trundled downstairs into the kitchen to get myself a drink and some breakfast.When mum suggested we go to Whitby for holidays I was already excited as summer time means ladies wear less cloths, and Whitby meant Aunty Carol, so Aunty Carol in less clothes was such an exciting image for me to hold and maybe I'd get to see mum in a bikini too and be with mum without dad being around, however mum had to cover for a lady at work and it was decided that she would take me and Gill up there, stay the weekend and pick us back up two weeks later.So there we were, Saturday night in Whitby, first night of the holiday, Carol and Jeff, mum, me and Gill out for a meal at a local seaside pub called the Jolly Sailors, that holiday feeling all over us and maybe this year I'd meet a girl and have a holiday romance.

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