Andy and louise dating

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It’s never going to be perfect, there’s always going to be farmed this and processed that so I don’t take anything too seriously.’ It’s common knowledge that Louise met Ryan Libbey when she took him on as her PT…and quite soon after, they became a unit.

But living together and filming Mi C together means that the pair no longer train in a trainer-client capacity.

She’s Louise off of Made in Chelsea – you know, Sam’s sister…the one who used to cry a lot…the one who suddenly hooked up with her PT and became everyone’s fitspiration. So we caught up with her at the launch to see just how she’s done it: WARNING ⚠️ these exercises are A LOT harder than they look.

Not content with turning our Instagram feeds into a My Protein ad, she’s now released her own edit of athleisure with Fabletics – Kate Hudson’s brand. I dare you to give them a go, next time you're in the gym with a partner!

It wouldn’t be too hyperbolic to say that Louise is becoming something of a fitness brand herself.

And when she is working out, Louise goes through a kind of cardio fast.

‘I do eat a much lower carb diet than I used to – I don’t eat white bread, pizza, pasta – at all. ‘Ryan moved in with me a couple of months ago and he eats a lot of food because he’s massive so he’ll have four large meals a day at least – and when he cooks breakfast, he’ll often cook for me too.’ So what’s their go-to food?

But it hasn’t been a hard transition – I just eat what I genuinely need. ‘We eat a lot of eggs…probably too many but you know, there are so many new rules about what we should and shouldn’t eat – you can’t keep up!

And Ryan has been such an influence on her that Louise says she thinks she’d still be training the same way if the pair broke up ‘because I’m just so happy’. ‘The only thing is that I do eat a lot of chocolate in the evening and for a while, he’d go “chocolate?!

” and I felt quite self-conscious about it and thought, “oh my God, what are you trying to say?

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