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If they’re in a digital/full service area they cannot start a new claim for housing benefit.However, if they’re in a gateway area they could claim cont JSA and HB and avoid going down the UC route.In gateway areas I think it goes like this: - claiming UC, JSA or ESA causes JSA(ib) and ESA(ir) to be abolished for the purpose of that claim, but leaves JSA and ESA as stand-alone “new style” contribution based benefits - if you started off by claiming JSA only (not UC) the award could only be new-style JSA(c).If you needed to top that up with means-tested help you would have a choice: if you can make do with JSA and HB, you can claim HB (or remain on HB that you were already getting while in work). For many people it won’t make any difference but there are pros and cons - once you claim UC any existing HB award must end; and if you have a UC claim pending or a UC award in place you cannot make a new claim for HB alongside it (unless you live in “specified accommodation”, which you don’t if you have satisfied the gateway conditions) The Transitional Provisions Regs allow any legacy claim that was initiated prior to the UC claim to proceed to completion, but only in respect of the period up to the UC claim.Perhaps a Citizens Income would save a lot of hassle with benefits (and lose us our jobs)!I assume Switzerland voted against it- haven’t checked the news today…Daphne’s comment #5) if it’s best for people whose CBJSA would equal their UC to claim both anyway - would a UC claim be open but at ‘nil’ payment, and would that track along until CBJSA stops after 6 months?

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This is very,very, very not good, to borrow a phrase.The problem is the online system won’t let them claim JSA so they claim UC and then no-one advises them that they should then put in a claim for cb JSA.We have asked the DWP if work coaches could advise claimants to apply if they might have entitlement but they have said this isn’t possible - any new training for work coaches apparently has to go through layers of bureaucracy!!!But if they put a claim in for UC first then help with housing costs would be met by that and they will be in the lobster pot which it is not always easy to get out of - I may have got this wrong then - I had thought that if the person effectively fits the gateway, they may claim CBJSA but that it would be ‘new’ JSA as it’s claimed in a UC area and that they would not be able to claim HB alongside it - ?I thought that Reg 13 of the UC (transitional provisions) regs 2013 allows someone to make backdated claims of JSA and HB if they mistakenly claim UC, but my head is spinning now so I’ll have to think about this later.

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